Essay on What Was the Best Advice You Ever Got?

So often good advice is trite. It sounds easy to say platitudes that have no bearing on the real world. However, at the right point in one’s life, those platitudes turn out to be remarkably appropriate and accurate. I was once told to expect nothing from life but change, but to remember that every negative change inevitably comes with a positive one. It sounds like a saying from a greeting card, but when I reached a period to which it applied, it was that greeting card phrase that helped get me through. When it was told to me, it meant little, but when the right series of actions occurred, that advice was exactly what I needed.

Several years ago, several rather bad things happened to me at once. I lost my job, I had some serious health problems that resulted in huge bills, and a long term relationship ended. Everything in my life changed without warning, almost overnight. My existence seemed to be entirely negative, with no opportunities on the horizon. It was then that I remembered the advice someone had told me so long before. I remembered that everything will change, and that we have no ability to control it. Rather, all we control is our reaction to it. I was able to alter the way I looked at the world, and work with the change rather than fight it. I remembered that there will be more changes, and eventually one will be positive. I worked with the change. I adapted to it, and let myself be moved by what was happening, rather than trying to move it. As a result, I got through the difficult period and those positive opportunities arose. I found a better job, achieved resolution with both bills and relationship, and moved on to a new phase of my life. However, without the seemingly trite advice I received, I would never have been able to survive, and indeed thrive, in my difficult period.

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