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The geography project that I decided to undertake was the Bangor Bypass. My topic was- ‘How will the proposed Bangor Bypass affect the local environment’s wildlife, flora and fauna?’ After researching, investigating and conducting surveys related to my aim on the proposed project I came to the conclusion of my 2nd hypothesis. This hypothesis stated that controlling bodies associated with the Bangor Bypass will work together with environmental groups and experts to minimise any negative impact the bypass may have on the local environment’s wildlife, flora and fauna.
The Bangor Bypass will be a four-lane, divided road consisting of two sections – a 3.4km East-West Link between Old Illawarra Road and the Woronora Bridge and a 2.8km North-South Link between New Illawarra Road and Alfords Point Road.

The project is fully funded by the NSW Government and is expected to cost approximately $100 million.
The East-West link of the Bangor Bypass would link the western approaches of the Woronora Bridge to Old Illawarra Road. The alignment is located within an existing road reservation and has been located on the northern boundary of the reservation to minimise potential impacts on a population of the threatened flora species Melaleuca deanei in the vicinity of Akuna Avenue.

The North-South Link of the Bangor Bypass would link New Illawarra Road with Alfords Point Road. The alignment is located on the existing road reservation and has been developed to minimise impacts on the threatened flora species Acacia pubescens.

Flora, fauna and wildlife have been of major concern when discussing this project. The government has worked together with conservationists, the RTA and the general public to come to an agreeable conclusion on what should be done to protect this area.

Sixteen threatened flora species are known or expected to occur in the general locality. Of the species, two were recorded during field investigations in the Bangor Bypass study area. These two species- acacia pubescens and melaleuca deanei are of high likelihood of occurrence and are being taken into account in the SIS.

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