Geography Past Papers

Whether you are appearing for your GCSE, IGCSE or Edexcel board examinations, preparing for Geography exams can be quite a hassle, if you do not have access to some geography sample papers. These are invaluable as a learning aid, as you can use them to test yourself. They also follow the format of your question paper thus, protecting you against any surprises.

How To Use Past Papers?

You can use geography past papers in numerous ways to prepare for your examination. Students can use the past papers GCSE geography sets to study. If you possess a sizable number of GCSE geography past papers, you can use the questions and study the answers directly. This is helpful because, often, the board recycles questions every year.

You can also use papers, such as IGCSE Geography past papers, and solve them within the same time constraints as the actual exam. This will give you written practice before the exam and allow you to schedule the entire process. In addition, your speed at solving the papers shall increase.

In addition to the above benefits, you can also go through geography sample papers just before the exam to see if the concepts are still fresh in your mind.

Problems You Might Encounter:

You might find that certain geography past papers are difficult to lay hands on. This is a common woe of many students. A geography past paper like a GCSE Geography past paper might not be available because enough time has not passed since the exam finished. However, often, papers like the Edexcel Geography past papers GCSE are difficult to locate, because they do not receive enough publicity. It might also be possible that the costs of the past papers may be too high.

Your best bet if you want to get a particular geography sample paper is to participate in student forums. Often, many other students have the same problem as you. If you cannot afford to purchase a sample paper alone, a bunch of students along with you can contribute toward the expense and share the resources. At the same time, if you have knowledge about a sample paper, which someone has difficulty locating, you can share your knowledge with that person and vice versa.

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