Since human kind appeared on Earth, they have learned to develop and evolve with time. This is why we learned to survive throughout all this centuries. Different people, different cultures, but yet all the same. Each group of people, or culture has learned to develop itself in a different way from others to make it through survival. Because of this, different countries have developed more than others. This suggests that the more developed ones have more chance of survival, and in this times of hunger and famine the whole world is suffering, is this the reason why famine has grown in less developed ones?

There are different views about hunger growing in the world. But no one can really know what the cause of it is. There is, on one side, the Overpopulation thesis which suggests that the increase of people in a certain country can mean problems such as hunger. Since the increase in people means feeding more people it will mean less food, so this could be a reason.

Countries with a larger population than they can afford will probably experience a famine crisis, since this means providing food which is not aviable for so many people. On the other hand, this does not mean that food is unaccesible with the increasing population. On source X, the man is anouncing that overpopulation is the cause of hunger, but as I said before food is not suppose to be a problem. Like optimist said : “Necesity is the mother of “ So if food supply is needed there should be resources aviable to increase the food. For example, if a farmer is grazing and planting crops and his family increases, then he should be able to buy a machine to increase and get the food faster. But what happens when the country, or in this case the farmer cannot afford the machine? Because of this I thinki that overpopulation is not the cause of farming since, if the country can afford new technology and improvements then there should be no problem with overpopulation. This can show that the cause of famine concering ovrpopulation depends on the social and economic position of the country or if it is more or less developed.

But hunger has many causes why it has appeared, not just overpopulation, although it could be a reason. For example, in source Y a woman is asuring that mother nature is guilty for hunger. But, is this really true? Since food is obtained from nature, that is, plants and animals, in the case of crop planting, mother nature is a big factor affecting food supplies. With too much rain or none at all, growing crops are being affected since they need a small amount of rain to do it. No sunshine, is also a bif factor that can change the future of the crops. But for this, we find different utilities such as fertilizers and processes which can protect the crops from the threatening factors. So, I think that mother nature is not the cause of hunger either. This suggests that progress is only succesfull if the three main factors are present. Physical factors: good climate, rich soil, etc. Economic factors: enough money to buy helpful improvements Human factors: Less people to feed.
The last drawing represents a scientist declaring that technology in agriculture is able to feed the world. Of course that technology is one of the most important factors for progress concerning food growth, but it is difficult to put all of out trusts in machines, which of course are not human, to feed us forever. Technology should be a way of helping improvement. But no food is fresher and safer than the one grown from mother nature, while technology might be a threat to our fresh food. I think that technology is not fully reliable to trust all of it with our nutrition. But yes, it has in many ways, improved malnutrition problems (marasmus, kwashorkior) and imporved our farming methods.

In conclusion, I think that three of the factors are needed to a succesfull progress of more food supply aviable.But if one country is lacking for one then it is in risk of hunger and famine.

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