Global Warming Issues

Around the world, the mere mention of the phrase “global warming” can create tremendous friction. There are people who believe that global warming is nothing more than a conspiracy theory designed to cause global panic. Another set of people, including scientists, have done extensive studies and research and determined that global warming is very much a real issue that the population of the world needs to address.

For those that discount the claims of global warming there is clear scientific evidence that the temperature of the world is increasing. The reason behind this increase is a direct result of the actions of the human population. Humans have created a world with countless modern advances. As much as the human race might benefit from these advances, such as cars and electricity for example, the ecosystems of the world suffer.

One of the biggest contributors to global warming issues is greenhouses gases. Greenhouse gases are a direct result of the behavior and activities of people. One impact that greenhouse gases have had on the world is an increase in standard temperatures. According to the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group of more than 1,300 scientists they anticipate an increase in base temperatures in the U.S. and other countries ranging from 2.5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. These increases are slated to occur over the next 100 years.

Temperatures are not the only things slated to change. In many locations around the world, temperatures are currently on the rise. In addition, global warming is already having a profound impact on the number and duration of droughts, floods, and storms. Droughts in developing countries and states, such as California, are experiencing tremendous droughts. The result of the droughts is water rationing and hardships on agricultural areas. Other areas are experiencing tremendous destruction because of unfathomable flooding. The state of Texas is only one area hard hit by devastating floodwaters in recent years. Storms, such as hurricanes, are increasing in their intensity causes extensive damage to the areas they strike.

Global warming will continue to cause numerous issues around the world. Glaciers and the polar ice caps will continue to melt at increase speeds. Snow will melt earlier and droughts will cause countless problems ranging from water shortages and an increased risk of devastating wildfires.

As the glaciers and polar icecaps melt, sea levels will increase in staggering numbers. The rising sea levels will lead to potentially catastrophic coastal flooding in areas such as Florida, the Gulf of Mexico and along the Eastern Seaboard. The direct impact of droughts and flooding can lead to a decrease in food resources. Farmers may face new pests once a non-issue.

Global warming has the potential to cause unimaginable damage to the world’s ecosystems. Coral reefs may end up disrupted and entire species of animals and plants may find themselves placed on the endangered species list or potentially extinct.

Global warming issues are very real as proven by countless scientific studies. Without the human population making very real changes for greenhouse gas emissions the word will see no improvement. Droughts, flooding, increased water levels, damage to ecosystems, and other problems will continue.



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