Life and Geography essay


This ia a story about a boy named Sokol.It speaks about the ways he learns so many important things on geography,step by step in a very pleasant way.This book has a double scope for us:1.It teaches us some real geographic notions,and also help us to practise our knowledge in English.Through this book we will notice that Sokol has the pleasure of using English,a foreing language which he likes very much.By reading this book we will be encouraged to satisfy our curiosity and enrich our knowledge on geography and will also stimulate our desire for further reading and learning English.


Sokol and his family lives in Tirana,capital of Albania.One day Sokol and his father were pottering in the garden.Suddenly he reminded his father of the first talk they had had about geography.When he was a child,he used to hear people talking about East and West and he asked his father what they were.He pointed in two different ways but Sokol didn`t understood at all!

This is geography,and you are not old enough to understand it.~he told to Sokol.This made him more curios and from that day on he has been asking questions and learning all he can about geography.The first thing he found out,was that he lived on Earth,but at first was difficult for him to believe that Earth is round,because it always looked flat to him.Then Sokol`s father showed him a photograph of a part of the Earth taken by a camera sixty miles up into space.The other day Sokol and his father went to the artificial lake and there he explained to Sokol about the Sun,the Moon,the day and the night and how they spins around.Once every 24 hours it spins all the way around and we call one whole spin a Day and a Night.Sokol was pleasant to understand now about night and day.On Saturday,next week they went to the Zoo and botanic garden.What he larned there helped him to understand how and where people live on the Earth.He found out that every thing on the Earth is either People,Animal,Vegetables or Mineral.Besides these on the Earth are also living beings and plants.

The other Rule of Nature Sokol learned is that all Men and animals on the Earth have to eat other animal or vegetables things to keep on living.The third rule of nature that he learned was: Living things need water.What he has learned about the water was that if it gets cold enough,it becomes Solid and when it boils it gets what we call Steam or Water Gas.Sokol`s mother told him that everything on the Earth is a solid,or a liquid,or a gas.Everything on Earth can be changed from solid,to liquid and so on.Sokol found out that the water on the Earth is heated by the sun,so it goes up into the sky and makes Clouds.Most of the water is in the Oceans,but a lot of it is in Seas that are really smaller oceans,and in Lakes and Rivers.The part of the Earth that doesn`t have water on it is called Land.In the places where the lands is highest,we call those parts Mountains and Hills.Sokol learned also that there are also Valleys,Deserts,Jungles,etc.When Sokol had learned so many things,he felt he knew now that ~Men,Women,Boys and Girls all over the World are alike in some important ways: They are human beings.They can speak,can think and can figure out to make things and use tools to improve their lives.And this is the greatest difference from all animal life.Sokol thinks,it could be a lot happier world if all the people everywhere have the desire to help each~other to use this Earth~Wisely and Well.So we all will live as friends,in harmony and peace on our big round ball called Earth.And this was the story about Sokol and the geography he learned.

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