North Korea

HOOK: North Korea has secluded themselves from other countries so much that they no longer get along with hardly anybody that is not communist. Their newspapers have one sided articles titled “U.S., Kingdom of Terrorism“, “U.S. is the Empire of the Devil“, and “Profile of a Traitor”, all talking about how evil the United States is and other countries similar in foundation to the U.S.

GEOGRAPHY: Most of the rain falls from July to September. The summers are hot and sticky, with a lot of rain. Autumn is the driest time of the year, and the winters are long and cold. Overall, they have a temperate climate with rainfall concentrated in the summertime. 80% of North Korea is uninhabitable mountains.

MAJOR CITIES: Pyongyang is the largest and capital city. It has 2,500,000 people (based on the year 2000)

HISTORY: In 1948 a communist government was established and Kim Sung II was the leader. Kim was a dictator and he was though of as the “son” of all people and the he could do no wrong. Kim died in 1994, and his son and heir became the Head of State. (Kim Jong II) While in power Kim took farmland from wealthy land owners and gave the land to poor farm workers. In the 1950’s land was made into government controlled collectives. Government controlled industries emphasized development of heavy industries and military power. Korea traded with China and The Soviet Union, later military economic assistance decreased. North Korea then turned to third world countries. China and The Soviet Union traded with South Korea.

GOVERNMENT: North Korea is communist, and their government does have the power in their country, and although it secludes them from the rest of the world, it does seem to work for them.

WESTERN INFLUENCE: The United States has not influenced North Korea, only South Korea. North Korea was influenced by The Soviet Union though.

U.S. INVOLVEMNT FROM 1990: In 1994 North Korea was thought to be developing nuclear weapons. That violates the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (United Nations). At first North Korea refused to allow people full access to facilities. The U.S. agreed to help North Korea build nuclear power plants (worth $4 billion) if they stopped production plutonian grade weapons.

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