Short story about the connection of geography and daily life.

Since the beginning of time the lands of Lithar and Montar have been rivals. Divided by the great Oleander River no one dares to pass over. Our story begins when a girl, Laury, is sent down to the river to do the washing. Hoping to see a mysterious Montarian she descends down from her home atop the trees. As she walked through the forest she stared over at the great Montarian mountain range and wondered. What would it be like to live in those vast mountains and rolling hills? Are the Montarians really that hostile and cruel? Preoccupied with her daydreaming she tripped over a branch and fell flat on her face. Just as she was regaining her balance she heard a faint voice. Are you ok? Laury jumped, for she thought she was the only one there. She searched around for the voice, but the only one that she saw was that of a boy across the river!!!

Without thinking she replied this Suddenly a hand clasped her mouth and pulled her behind a bush. It was her eldest sister Lana. What are you doing talking to that outsider!? Cried Lana. Laury just sat there with a blank look on her face. You know what King Laius said, never have any contact with any Montarians or else Lana continued It says so in the Lithian code of honor She dragged Laury home all the while repeating l cant believe you and Laury wont you ever learn That night after Laury had said her prayers and read from the Lorax, spiritual book of Lithar, she sat in bed and thought.

Wasn`t that Montarian boy sweet. Even as Laury drifted off to sleep she thought about the mysterious boy across the river.

That night before she went to sleep Lana told her family about what had happened. They were shocked but knew that it would happen sometime because Laury was the curious one and couldn`t keep her mouth shut. She was always talking about how she wanted to go there and meet them. Of course this was not accepted but she didn`t care.

The next morning they sent her off to finish her washing, but before she left they reminded her again not to talk to them. She trudged off through the lush forest again and down to the Oleander. At he bank of the river she saw a little bottle tied to a rock. She reached into the river to retrieve it. Inside she saw a note. Laury dumped it out and read the note aloud:

*Dear Laury,
I overheard your conversation yesterday and would just like to say that I am sorry that I caused such a commotion. But I was just trying to help. My name is Mark and although I am a Montarian I am really a nice guy I think. If you would like to meet and talk again I will see you here at sunset tonight.
*MARK* *

As she read this a smile arose on her face, she would have to meet him! Laury finished her washing and planned how she would escape to the river. Later that day at sunset Laury was excused early from the table and snuck off while everyone else finished eating. She snuck into one of the boxes of spider silk being shipped off to the river. The truck carried the boxes to the ship where they would be sent off to the ocean to trade. Just as they arrived at the river she carefully climbed out of the box and hid behind a tree watching for the boy. On the other side of the river she spotted a Montarian ship carrying boxes of precious gems from the Montarian mines. There next to the ship stood Mark.

After both of the ships left they lay down on their opposite sides of the river and talked. They talked about anything and everything. They talked about what it was like to live on their side of the river and about what it would be like if they lived in peace. They talked and talked until it was almost dark and decided that they should return home. But before they left they agreed to meet the next day at the same time.

Everyday Mark and Laury met and talked about this and that. Soon all that Laury and Mark thought about was each other. After meeting and talking for many months one day Laury said, I hate this place, how we are always fighting and never in harmony!Me too Mark agreed. “We should leave” Laury said. Run away together to the lands beyond and get married, Mark cried. It was settled, the next week they packed their bags and left for the river to meet. They got into the cargo of spider silk on a ship. It sailed to a faraway land where they got off and grew up together.

They started a happy family and never went back. As for Montar and Lithar, they continued to fight, forever more!

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