Some states now permit single men and women to adopt children essay

The rules of adoption are often being discussed and sometimes criticized. Most of the criticisms have been levelled against policies that permitted adoption by gay and lesbian couples, as well as single parent adoption. The laws in some American States that banned single parent adoption have been overturned, and this has shown to be one of the fastest growing trends in adoption, with around 25% of adopted children with special needs being taken in by single men and women, and five per cent of all other adoptions being by single people.

There are, of course, arguments on both sides of the fence. Those against single parent adoption often take the view that parenthood should be a joint effort; that a child needs a home life balanced with a paternal and maternal figure. The natural argument against this is that many biological parents end up on their own, either as a result of divorce or death, and children can still have a perfectly good upbringing in such a situation. There is also the fact that living with a single parent is better than living with no parent in an adoption center.

Those in favor of single parent adoption can also point out that a child can enjoy and benefit greatly from the undivided attention of a single parent, which can lead to increased confidence for the child and a closer bond between the two people.

However, there are valid points to be made that go against single parent adoption. One such point is that raising a child is not easy in terms of time or finances, and so a single parent needs to make sure he/she can find a good balance between working to bring in enough money to give the child a comfortable upbringing, and having the time to spend with the child and nurture child’s development.

Ultimately, the important thing is giving a child a loving home. There should be no restrictions based on whether an adoptee is in a relationship or not.

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