The Geography of Egypt Essay

Egypt, an ancient civilization in Africa, developed a great civilization along the Nile River. Without the Nile River, the land could not have supported the great civilization that appeared in Egypt. The geography of Egypt had many negative and positive effects such as the Nile River and the deserts. This civilization developed in the fertile valley provided by the Nile.

The Nile River brought many positive effects to Egypt’s development. The Nile provided a natural route for transportation. The people living along the banks of the Nile could use the Nile to go up and down the river for trade and food. It also was a provider of fertile soil to the land. The fertile soil helped the people along the Nile to begin farming and growing food for their families.

An endless supply of life-giving water was given to the people by the Nile. The people of the Nile drank the water from the river and used it to bath themselves and their families. The river also contained deposits of granite, sandstone, and limestone. Water was taken from the river with tools called shadoofs made by the Egyptians. It was to help lift the water out of the river without having anyone fall over in the river.

Deserts provided a natural protection against invaders. The hot sun made it impossible for the invaders to cross the desert during the day and they could not see during the night. Prevailing winds blowing north to south enabled boats to sail southward. It was hard to steer the ships in the wind. Annual cycle of months brought long floods to the land. The floods lasted for a long time, but after they were gone, they left good fertile soil. The river was forced into a narrow channel cut through rock.

In conclusion, the Nile River did have many positive and negative effects, but the Nile River did not have these effects all by itself. The Nile had the help of the deserts and cataracts. It’s geography continued to grow long there after. It probably still continues to grow during this present time.

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